#WatchingSocial: ABC’s Once Upon a Time


Curtains open Sunday, Sept. 29 8/7 c on the third season of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.” The ambitious series concept from some of the creative minds behind “LOST” seemed like a gamble at the time (OK, so did the “LOST” concept!), but getting a third season plus a spinoff series (“Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”) affirms the vision.

Season 3 is a huge reset for the characters – at least the ones who’ve survived – and the show. So, ABC is kicking things off with a one-hour special that revisits history as way of ushering in the newest adventure in Neverland. The special “Once Upon a Time: Journey to Neverland” airs at 7/6 c, just prior to the season opener.

Here’s our #WatchingSocial guide to the new season: