#IconicTV: Dexter series finale cuts both ways



Buzz-worthy Dexter ended it’s eight-year run on Showtime amid a swirl of speculation on the fate of America’s favorite serial killer. Would he get caught? Killed? Be on the run? Get away? Every scenario was up for grabs. Except the scenario played out in the series’ final minutes.

The only thing predictable was the schism in fan reaction. Spoiler alert: the links below will take you to articles that comment extensively on the final episode.

  • The HATED IT faction is summarized in this article from the Los Angeles Times
  • The LOVED IT (or more accurately I WAS OK WITH IT faction) is captured in this analysis from Entertainment Weekly

eFangelists loved (loves) Dexter and considers it #IconicTV. No single episode could change that, whether you loved it, hated it or were somewhere in between.