About eFangelists

Take one part “fan” and one generous portion of “evangelism” – the kind that means a highly energetic affinity for something coupled with a desire to tell the world – and the sum of the parts is eFangelists.

HODDER is the company and people behind the eFangelists name, concept, blog, Twitter stream (@eFangelists) and namesake content strategy and creative services:

  • HODDER the company has been in the content strategy, programming and creation business since 1989, with a focus on marketing-nuanced content for television networks and programs, consumer brands, corporations and causes.
  • HODDER the team is not only a group of storytelling and marketing professionals, they are fans of television shows and movies, sports and online shopping sites, food and destinations, music and artists and more.

It’s that combination of expertise in emotional storytelling and the genuine fervor that comes from passionate people who lead us to create eFangelists as a concept and service.

That service is for any entertainment or consumer brand eager to tap into the voice of the fan to build a community, raise its positive awareness, ignite buzz, honor its customers or audience and above inspire loyalty – the kind of loyalty only true fans have.

HODDER’s eFangelist service is both strategic and creative.

  • Discovery and planning. We start with guidance from your internal brand stewards, add research insights you already have and/or that we can gather, combine both with wisdom from the fans themselves and turn that collective knowledge into a plan for action.
  • Creative and production. Capturing the stories, activities, images and energy of fans in real life is next. Brands tell amazing stories about themselves, but fans add an authenticity to those stories that is unmatched. Our producers capture, assemble and evaluate all of the assets they need to tell a powerful story, and bring those stories to life on video (and other ways).
  • Distribution and building buzz. Getting the fan stories on the radar is next, and we collaborate with clients and their partners to do that in the most effective way possible. Those stories can appear on television, online, in social media or in place-based media, and we have the expertise to deliver stories to any combination of platforms our clients need.
  • Measurement. We understand that measuring impact for any campaign or engagement program is essential, and work with clients to determine measurements, recommend tools for doing it and evaluate what the measurements mean.

If your brand wants to capture and leverage the voice of the fan through powerful storytelling, contact HODDER:

  • 612.333.1025
  • info@hodder.tv

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