2013-2014 TV preview: What’s next from NBC?

It’ll be a see-saw scenario at NBC this fall/winter. First you’ll see new shows. Then – for a while anyway – you won’t. Then you might see some others that you hadn’t seen before. And not see some that you saw. Got that?

NBC’s conundrum comes from its role as the host network for the 2014 Winter Olympics from Feb. 7-23. That’s a real plus for ratings and revenue, but a bit of a bumpy ride for the network’s regular schedule. Plus, the schedule come fall will be markedly different with lots of new entries and plenty more held back until March 2014.

logonbcNumber of new fall shows: 6 + all encore programming Saturday night
Number of returning shows:  10 including Sunday Night Football
The fall mix: 8 dramas | 5 comedies | 2 reality | 1 news | 1 sports
The shuffle:  Sunday, with football, and Tuesday feature returning fare | Thursday has the biggest new block with 3 half-hour comedies
Big names:  Dick Wolf, Michael J. Fox, James Spader (hooray!), John Malkovich, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Blair Underwood, Linda Lavin, Sean Hayes, Jenna Elfman, Gillian Anderson
Obscure fact: NBC has the most aggressive new schedule across the 2013-2014 season with 16 news shows in prime time

New fall 2013 shows with links to each show’s promotional page and trailer:

Post-Olympics hopefuls include:


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