2013-2014 TV preview: What’s next from The CW?

Following peeks at ABC then CBS, the alphabet next takes us to The CW.

“What?” you ask. “How does The CW come before FOX and NBC, what with the “The” and all that?”

Look, my third cousin’s ex-boyfriend’s uncle’s neighbor took a library classification course once, so I know this is the correct order. Trust me on this and settle into the 2013-2014 season on The CW. Just remember that this net airs only two hours per night, five nights a week:

CW_logo__121204230324-275x188Number of new shows: 3
Number of returning shows: 7 (+ mid-season bench-warmer Nikita in its final turn)
The mix: 9 dramas | 1 reality
The shuffle: Monday and Friday are old familiar faces, while mid-week nights have one newbie each
Big names: None right now, but just you wait
Obscure fact: Network mainstay Supernatural took ten years to make it on air and was originally slated for just three seasons; it’s about to start season eight

New fall 2013 shows with links to each show’s promotional page and trailer:

New mid-season show waiting in the wings:

  • The 100 (promo trailer not yet available)
  • Star-Crossed (promo trailer not yet available)

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