2013-2014 TV preview: What’s next from ABC?

We feel a queasy excitement about the pending 2013-2014 television season. Just like going back to school used to feel. There will be a bit of the familiar. The new and thrilling. And inevitably a few of those moments when something goes so wrong – terribly wrong.
Diving into the new season wouldn’t be the same without company, so think of us as classmates and imagine this is show and tell day. Our class presentation is multi-part, starting with ABC and moving through each broadcast network, then on to cable, streaming and sports.

In strict alphabetical order we begin with ABC (approved by Maria, no less):

ABC_LogoNumber of new shows: 8
Number of returning shows: 14 (+1 with mid-season bench-warmer Suburgatory)
The mix: 10 dramas | 8 comedies | 2 reality | 1 news | 1 sports
The shuffle: Monday, Friday and Saturday schedules showcase returning shows only | the Tuesday line-up is all new | other nights mix new and returning
Big names: Joss Whedon, James Caan, Rebel Wilson, John Lithgow, Clark Gregg
Obscure fact: 2 shows feature actors – Michael Socha and Lenora Crichlow – known for their leading roles in the BBC America supernatural series Being Human

New fall 2013 shows with a link to each show’s promotional page with trailer:

New mid-season show waiting in the wings (just in case some does go terribly wrong):


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