Sneak Peak: “Almost Human” is almost here – on FOX


Are androids the next zombies? “Almost Human,” coming to FOX on November 4, could trigger the next hot trend in beings that aren’t quite…natural. The J.J. Abrams creation, set in 2050 (just around the corner!) stars Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. Learn more about the series here. See the official series trailer here.



Sneak Peek: “Dracula” debuts 10/25 on NBC


The 2013-2014 TV seasons is still rolling out (while the heads of some series have already rolled). October 25 sees the NBC debut of an ambitious limited series that revisits the mystique of Dracula, the ULTIMATE vampire. Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers of “The Tudors” fame. Full series information here. Watch the trailer here.

#WatchingSocial: ABC’s Once Upon a Time


Curtains open Sunday, Sept. 29 8/7 c on the third season of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.” The ambitious series concept from some of the creative minds behind “LOST” seemed like a gamble at the time (OK, so did the “LOST” concept!), but getting a third season plus a spinoff series (“Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”) affirms the vision.

Season 3 is a huge reset for the characters – at least the ones who’ve survived – and the show. So, ABC is kicking things off with a one-hour special that revisits history as way of ushering in the newest adventure in Neverland. The special “Once Upon a Time: Journey to Neverland” airs at 7/6 c, just prior to the season opener.

Here’s our #WatchingSocial guide to the new season:





#IconicTV: Dexter series finale cuts both ways



Buzz-worthy Dexter ended it’s eight-year run on Showtime amid a swirl of speculation on the fate of America’s favorite serial killer. Would he get caught? Killed? Be on the run? Get away? Every scenario was up for grabs. Except the scenario played out in the series’ final minutes.

The only thing predictable was the schism in fan reaction. Spoiler alert: the links below will take you to articles that comment extensively on the final episode.

  • The HATED IT faction is summarized in this article from the Los Angeles Times
  • The LOVED IT (or more accurately I WAS OK WITH IT faction) is captured in this analysis from Entertainment Weekly

eFangelists loved (loves) Dexter and considers it #IconicTV. No single episode could change that, whether you loved it, hated it or were somewhere in between.

WatchingSocial: ABC Family’s Twisted

Twisted_collageWhat do you get when a TV series protagonist is a 16-year-old who was accused of strangling his aunt with a jump rope. Plus a pair of best friends whose lives he altered. Set in a town that doesn’t exactly welcome him back. Along with a new murder and a lot of things that aren’t what they? You get Twisted on ABC Family and a tidal wave of ways to plug in. Here’s our WatchingSocial guide to players and places for Twisted.